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A little bit of me

Well well well, ever since Dumbledore allowed all of us wizards to use computers and laptops, everyone has been going crazy. Alot of people have these so called "live journals" So I guess I have decided to follow this fad. Although I do say some people have been getting to know eachother through journals, and I guess people fancy romance over the internet. This also gives me a chance to stay in tune with my girlfriend back in the States. So lets give a brief history of me, Parker Diggory

I am a 6th year at Hogwarts, although this is only my 2nd year here. You see I was schooled in the states by a tutor. My tutor was fabulous and I could still go surfing with all my friends. You see My mom is a muggle. My dad is a wizard although he never uses magic anymore, he might as well be muggle. My mom takes care of our family business, a surf and skate store, while my dad teaches surfing lessons and is a fulltime lifegaurd. Its pretty cool.

When I got my letter I had thought it was some sort of joke I never knew magic had actually exsisted. When I was 11 I met my older cousin Cedric for the first time. He explained to me of the magical world. His dad and my dad were brothers but My uncle Amo's lost respect for my dad, not for marrying a muggle, but for disowning all things magical. Me embracing my magical blood brought back together the family after 11 years.

Cedric became my best friend and often tried to coax me into going to howgwarts year after year. Then during Cedric's last year there he got elected to be a Champion for the tri wizarding tournament. I didnt know what this was but I knew it had to be something good so I went with my uncle and aunt to all the tasks to watch Cedric represent Hogwarts. The first task he was fabulous and same with the 2nd. But then something awful happened, and now my best friend is gone forever. I don't know who this evil person is whom no one can say his name. But I do know two people left via portkey and then only one person came back alive. My uncle told me Harry Potter killed Cedric and Voldemort-(this realy evil wizard) was dead. I came to Hogwarts to seek revenge on this Potter Character. He took my best friend away from me. But he is going through is own turmoil. Through eaves dropping and my own eyes I can see Harry Potter becoming crazy. throwing fits, having bad dreams. Losing his own family. My uncle was wrong, Harry didn't kill Cedric. The only time I wanted to fight Harry was when I saw him with Cho at Hogsmeade. Harry needs to show respect to Cedric and stay away from the one person he valued most at Hogwarts.

Its been a tough two years away from my family, and my girlfriend, Whom I am in love with madly. She will read this you see but won't aknowledge me. She is mad that Im at some private school, and feels that I don't love her anymore. BUt she is the light of my life. She has been cruel to me and says hateful things that makes me wonder why I even put up with her. Sometimes I think that im the only one caring and she just steps all over me. Maybe its time to move on. Maybe what me and Roaslina had is nothing and I should be like my Uncle and marry a witch.

Thats enough for one entry. People who do read this kindly comment back

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