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All about my girlfriend

Well, I have to say that I love my girlfriend very much. But she is so far and our relationship is hurting soo bad. Here is the letter she sent to me today


I don't know how to say this to you, without sounding like a total bitch. I thought I could handle this long distance relationship but I can't. I want you to come home and be home schooled like you used to. This past year and a half ever since you went to your fancy private school, you have changed for the worse. I love you but I loved the old you even more. I may sound selfish, but I need you here with me. It won't be to long until im in the arms of another guy with you being nothing but part of my past. Im sure you are with other girls there so don't give me any bullshit. Write back and say you are coming home


What to do What to do. Is this whole wizarding experience worth pretty much giving up the love of my life




two year anniversery celebration


Look at how happy she is!

hanging out in a cali beach disco

My Best Friends. Pink Shirt-Holly, Blue Shirt-Craig, Red Shirt- Rosa my love, Green Shirt-Dee Dee </center>


I guess I will go pack my bags. :(

P A R K E R advice please
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