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Yule Ball

I have to admit Im a little depressed about me and Rosalina being no more. I know its my fault for lying but its her fault for not trying to understand. Soon she will realize she wants me back once she see what a womanizer Craig is. But to no more I will speak of my friends in the muggle world, becuase it is now time for me to embrace the wizarding world, and the amazing people in it.

So I have stepped on some feet to get what I think is the best date for the Yule Ball. Miss Erica Bradford, she is very pretty and very sophisticated. She has this presence about her that makes people stare and you can help but turn your head to notice her. She has this fair skin, and peircing blue eyes and dark brown hair. I guess her sorta kinda "guy friend" Fernando Valeri hasn't being treating her well so she accepted my Yule Ball invitation to much of a surprise.

A certain Slytherin Girl made a statement in a previous entry that Erica was just second best in my book. This person is not important enough to be mentioned by name. But I want to clearly set the record straight. Erica was the first and only person I asked. Yes I had thought to ask Eve, a gryffindor. But she didn't seem intrested, or was just to shy. I wanted to go with someone who I felt I would have the best time with. This is why I asked Erica and this is why I am now more excited to go to this thing.

Then let me repeat this too, just becuase we are going doesn't mean we are going to randomly hook up or start dating or whatever. We are going as platonic friends. If something happens though, I can't say I will be to broken up about it *wink*

Thats about it -now question, do I have to wear dressrobes to this thing, or will a suit suffice?

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